High Holiday TORAH from Michael Rosenberg, Torah.org

High Holiday TORAH from Michael Rosenberg, Torah.org
(sent out with a list of names; to pray for their needs to be met.)

During the month of Elul it is the custom to blow the shofar at the
conclusion of weekday morning prayers. The primal blast of the ram's horn
is intended to wake us from our lethargy and shake up our hearts. "Rise you
who slumber! Return to me wayward children!" In Elul we are called upon to
make preparations for the coming High Holidays remembering that Teshuva,

Tefila, and Tzedaka ma'avirim es roah ha gezera (Repentance, Prayer, and
Charity can reverse the heavenly decree) and that in this month we are
especially close to the Kadosh Baruch Hu. May we all use this time to great
effect, deepening our awareness of the great Chesed (lovingkindness) the
Kadosh Baruch Hu has bestowed upon us by allowing us, His People, to serve
him in this world to bring about a time of no war, no hatred, no poverty, no
suffering, no death.

Knowing that His Torah is the blue print guiding us towards that goal, may we redouble our efforts to learn at whatever level we can. Knowing that His desire is that we should emulate Him may we redouble our efforts to perform acts of Tzedaka v'Chesed. Knowing that He loves us, his Holy People, may we redouble our efforts to love Him, to love one another, and to love ourselves. In so doing, may we come this year into the
Yomim Nora'im prepared to plead our case and the case of klal Yisroel (All Israel) with a tender heart and purity of purpose. May our earnest prayers open the Gates
of Mercy. May our heartfelt weeping open the Gates of Tears. Avinu
Malkeinu p'sach sha'arei Shomayim l'sfiloseinu. Our Father our King, open
the Gates of Heaven to our prayers!

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