Thoughts Outside and Inside

The High Holy Days In 
Awe, Amend-ment, Align-ment, Atone-ment, Amaze-ment, At One-ment 

Reb Zuscha on his death bed said - 

That on The Day of Judgment, at Heaven's Gate

G*d would ask him -

NOT why he had not been Moses,

but why he had not been Zuscha. 

(We are here on Earth to become who we are meant to be.)


Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself -
and there make yourself indispensable.

- Andre Gide

It is not our purpose to become each other. 

It is to recognize each other, 

to learn to see the other 
and honor them for what they are.   
- Herman Hesse (1877-1962) "Siddhartha" 

Compassion for others begins
with kindness to ourselves. 
- Pema Chodron

Don't compromise yourself.
You are all you've got.
- Janis Joplin

Something we were withholding made us weak
Until we found it was ourselves.
- Robert Frost

I shall try to remember all this day
That I am a divine creation with infinite possibilities.
- Benjamin Eitelgeorge

Kindness " is more important than ' Wisdom ' -

and the clear recognition of this -

IS the beginning of Wisdom.         
- Theodore Issac Rubin

I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence,
but it comes from within. 
It is there all the time.
- Anna Freud

There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, 
and that's your own self.
- Aldous Huxley

Do not look back in Anger,
 or forward in Fear,
 but look around in Awareness !     
- James Thurber

Ask yourself what you truly want for yourself. 
Are there hindrances behind that gift?
Know that your soul can shine through that gift
and be shared.
In your wisdom and heart of joy, visualize that gift.
Ask others to bless you that you manifest the gift.
Sanctify the desire and ask the Holy One 
to gift you with your vision.
That is the secret, the law of attraction. 
Connect and co-create with G*d.
- Joy Krauthammer

See yourself –
Your shadows, 
and Ripples
- Joy Krauthammer

             ~ ~ ~

It is no help to rush to damn the ending -

without taking time to bless the beginning.

We can do no 'great things' -

just small things with Great Love... 
Bless Beginnings !                            
- Mother Teresa

             ~ ~ ~

Whatever knowledge a human being is given in this world, whatever wisdom, enlightenment or inspiration, it is all only and exclusively for one purpose: To assist him to fix up this world. - Chabad's Daily Dose
Likkutei Sichot, volume 32, page 152, based on Talmud, Shabbat 33b.
    ~ ~ ~

T’shuvah: Let us Turn, Return and Be Turned
During these Days of Awe, we will do the spiritual work of exploring three aspects of T’shuvah. How do we turn away from that which is draining us of Life-force, and turn towards that which is Life-giving? How do we return to a sense of belonging, authenticity and connection to the whole of Creation? How do we surrender to the Great Mystery that is holding us, transforming us and loving us unconditionally? 

~ ~ ~
Welcome to 5777.  Sevens are G*d's Holiest numbers.  - Joy Krauthammer

Ushering in 5777 with hope and optimism. The number 777 has a sweet meaning. In gematria (Hebrew letter math - Hebrew letters have numerical value) that number is equal to the phrase "And they asked for a Gate of Light”. 
~ ~ ~

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