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"The Jewish New Year is called "Yom HaDin", the Day of Judgment. The deeper meaning here is that it is a day that celebrates our capacity for judgment, to judge our own lives with the guidance of the light from the Divine.

"This work of inner knowledge and good judgment based on insight and wisdom takes work, hard work, and hard traveling on a journey to truth."
- Rabbi Finley
~ ~ ~

Avraham Sutton, a great Chassidic Jerusalem teacher (who visits LA), writes in his book, "Days of Awe, Awesome Days":

"The judgement of Rosh Hashana is not what most people imagine it to be, i.e. punishment. The judgment is more like a measure - a measure of where we are relative to who we really are (our neshama / soul) and what we are really capable of. On Rosh Hashana we are given glimpses of who and what we really are, can be, could be, and will be. It is in this context that we are to see the challenges that we are encountering. It is all part of the package of who we are. Simply put, on Rosh HaShana, HaShem shines a new light into us that has the ability to awaken the deepest potential
sleeping in us."  
~ ~ ~

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